Survey Services

The FOCUS MARINE LLC and her wide network of Surveyors, Expeditors, Superintendents, Marine Consultants and Naval Architects have the experience, background, knowledge and facilities to perform a vast area of Marine related assignments which have been defined into groups for ease and convenience as detailed :


  • P and I entry / re-entry condition surveys
  • Vessel pre – sale / purchase surveys
  • Vessel vetting / audit / suitability inspections
  • Supervision / Handling / Transportation of Project / Heavy cargoes to vessels / barges / trailers including lashing / securing / stability calculations and requirements
  • Barge suitability inspections for Projects / Hire / Condition / Insurance purposes (internal and external inspections)
  • Towage Certificates for tug / barge combinations
  • Bollard Pull Certification
  • Sea trial attendance and assessment
  • Container inspections for sensitive / special cargoes and / or condition prior / after long term or single voyage lease
  • Vehicle inspections prior / after shipment


  • Custody transfers on full / part cargo shipments of all types of bulk liquids / gases
  • Bunker Surveys for On / Off Hire purposes
  • Bunker dispute investigations
  • Loss control operations on bulk liquids / gas cargoes
  • Draft surveys for bulk liquid cargoes (e.g. Molasses) for Bill of Lading / Outturn


  • Blending operations for petroleum products to meet specific criteria
  • Tank cleaning operations / supervision for grade change / dry dock etc.
  • Physical tank inspections for clean / sensitive products


  • Draft surveys on bulk solids for Bill of Lading / Outturn purposes
  • Hold inspections for sensitive cargoes
  • Damage / condition / assessment surveys on general cargo, steel, forest products, bagged goods etc. before / after shipment
  • Damage / condition / assessment surveys on refrigerated cargoes (frozen / chilled) in vessels / containers / cold stores, before / after shipment
  • On / Off Hire condition surveys on all vessel types for Owners / Chatterers etc.
  • Measurement surveys for cubic capacity / freight / dead freight determination etc.
  • Supercargo services for loading / discharging of vessels


  • P and I representation on all types of issues (collisions, groundings, fire, explosions, water ingress, cargo damage, general average, stowaways, design deficiencies, cargo contamination, heavy weather damage etc.)