Design Services

  • Vassels
  • Land and Offshore Structures

Feasibility and Concept Design

  • Feasibility study, Project definition and preparation of preliminary design (Including following preliminary calculations: Equipment number, gross tonnage calculation, freeboard calculation, midship scantling, Lightship calculation and Stability Calculation )

Project Design and Evaluation

  • Hull form development, design of the hull decks and superstructure, interior arrangements and initial calculations of strength, propulsion, weights and stability

Materials used for our projects

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • GRP
  • FRP

Finalization of the Design

  • Preparation of final design with detailed engineering, weight, propulsion and stability study, computer mould lofting, construction and fabrication drawings, Preparation of the block division drawing, preparation of assembly drawings and CNC nesting plans with material take off information.
  • Mechanical Drawings, piping schematics/layout 2D /3D, Pipe Spool Drawings, Isometrics.
  • Electrical Load Balances and Single Line Diagrams, Cable Rooting, Switch Board Distribution Panels.
  • Project Execution and Management

  • Technical assistance and supervision during project execution
  • Liaison with classification Society and statutory bodies during project implementation
  • Design specification review
  • Preparation of General Arrangement Plans
  • Update of Structural Fire Protection Plans, Fire Safety and Life Saving Appliances Plans
  • Design and engineering services for modifications, such as conversions, jumboisation and accommodation upgrading
  • Equipment installation Drawings
  • Structural and Stability Analysis and Design related to the installation of heavy equipment as cranes, winches, helidecks in accordance with appropriate rules and regulations
  • Longitudinal Strength Calculations
  • Local and Longitudinal Strength Assessment Analysis
  • Preparation of Cargo Securing and SOPEP manuals
  • Environmental Forces, Mooring Analysis
  • Resistance and Propulsion Analysis
  • Extensive Hull Survey
  • Determination of Hydrostatics, Tank Capacities, Sounding Tables
  • Calculation of Intact, Damage and Grounding Conditions
  • Preparation of the Inclining Test procedures
  • Conduct of Inclining Experiments
  • Preparation of Stability Booklets
  • Preparation of Security Plans
  • Preparation of the Field of vision plan
  • Preparation of the Navigational Bridge Layout plan
  • As Built Drawings

Exterior and Interior Yacht Design Services

  • Definition of the Objective (Sport, Charter, Pleasure)
  • Material Categorisation (Wood, Steel, Aluminium, GRP, ERP)
  • Style Concept Design (Retro-Classic, Modern, High-Tech)
  • Concept form Development and Selection
  • Detailed Study of the Exterior and Interior Design
  • 3D Modelling Presentation